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KAPUALOVE produces exclusive design-wraps and selected beautiful products making the heart of every family beat faster.

A KAPUALOVE wrap has everything it needs to become your favourite wrap!

Produced in high quality by a family-owned traditional weaving company in Germany , our wraps are carefully ready-made by hand. The yarns are strictly selected and they are produced in a certified organic production process. A sustainable and transparent production chain is very important to us and our way of contribution to a better world.

We are working on our designs almost every day. They arise out of our thoughts, our dreams and the love for the small and simple things. We believe that intuition is important.
The heart should never be neglected.

We produce strictly limited editions for you, just to make sure that you will always hold something special and unique in your hands. You and your loved ones should always experience the maximum comfort, that´s why our wraps are manufactured diagonal flexible with highest quality standards.

KAPUALOVE wraps are a cloud full of love!

Care Instructions

That´s the right way to care for your cloudlet:

Our wraps are delivered unwashed.

Prior to using your new wrap for the first time, you have to wash it first. Only then the wrap will unfold all its qualities and there will be no risk of deforming the pattern when you stretch it while wrapping.

For wraps with parts of linen there is a need to soak them in lukewarm water for about 1 to 2 hours before you wash them in your washing machine.

This way, the linen fibers will fully unfold and swell up slowly.

Wash your wrap with liquid detergent (without bleacher/lanolin) only. Don´t use fabric softener under any circumstance.

Safety instructions

Any use of a wrap is on your own risk and responsibility!

A wrap is a wonderful piece of fabric to wrap in your most loved one: your child.

However, we want you to think about some matters before wrapping, which we highly recommend to read carefully before using – here are our 10 golden rules:

Using your wrap is always on your own responsibility.

Before you carry your child for the first time in a wrap, it is vital to get a teaching by a certified babywearing consultant to learn about basic skills.

Our wraps are manucatured with utmost care; in daily use it sometimes can happen that yarn breaks or little holes may occur. Check your wrap any time before using it and get it repaired if it is damaged.

At the beginning of your wrapping times we highly recommend to wrap your child above a soft surface, so your child will fall softly if the worst case happens.

Make sure that the respiratory tract of your child is always free.

Make sure that the head of your child is always supported well.

The ends of your wrap should never hang down below your knees. In that case it may cause stumbling or otherwise the wrap could get entangled somewhere.

Using a wrap will enable you to feel independence and boundless mobility; but, if you go outside, make sure to cover all the exposed parts of your child´s body in order to protect it from sun, coldness or wind.

Don´t carry your child in a wrap during dangerous situations such as car driving, sports and many others.

And finally: enjoy every minute with your baby! It is at these wonderful moments when wrapping turns to something absolutely beautiful and creates strong and unique feelings – a cloud full of love!

We wish you a wonderful wrapping time with your child!

About Us

It always starts with an idea and the passion to realize it. In this sense, KAPUALOVE has been a long-cherished idea of Stephanie. She carefully led this idea for a long time on winding paths, safely hidden in her heart.

Maybe you know it yourself: sometimes you find yourself picturing a certain thought or an idea, thinking of what it could be. You find yourself with that tingling feeling each time you think of it and joy and passion are growing bigger and stronger. Since her time in the retail sector, Stephanie was completely enthusiastic about fabrics and textiles. She bought herself tons of magazines and had a lively interest in all kinds of things connected to it. Friends were telling her, that she had this special sense for color combinations and design. But time passed by. Ways lead to different directions, but the idea always stays alive. You gather experience both private and related to business, things change or you rearrange them, as you suddenly realize: hidden safely in a velvet trunk inside your head still waits your little secret for a kiss to wake it up. At that time, Stephanie had continually expanded her knowledge and has been adding new professional aspects in project management, marketing and finances.

As easy as it sounds, sometimes it just happens. Stephanie was telling me during dinner of her idea to launch her own brand for woven wraps as well as accessories for babies, children and interior decoration. Finally – that´s what I thought at that moment – she had found the words to express it. It took her 10 minutes to convince me. I said to her: “I know you can make it! Just go for it and I´ll give you all the support you need!” At the end of the evening we had our first draft as well as a precise action plan and a relatively well-defined business plan.

KAPUALOVE was born.

Later on, we activated our network and worked together with our experienced partners on the implementation of our main product, the KAPUALOVE woven wrap. One thing we knew right from the start: seen from everyone´s own view, perfection can be slightly different. But we will make every effort to get there as close as possible. For that reason we are working focused day by day, but most of all with lots of fun. We believe that every customer will in the end notice all the passion we put into our products. We use yarns that have been generated in a certified organic production process (GOTS/OEKO-TEX). Our woven wraps are produced carefully, meeting the highest technological standards.

Throughout our professional career we always act on a maxim: our customers are at the centre of the way we act and think. We believe that the key to success is to be always focused on the details. We are convinced to delight our customers with excellent quality and passion.

We are happy to take you on a journey to joyful and intense moments!

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