Safety instructions

Any use of a wrap is on your own risk and responsibility!

A wrap is a wonderful piece of fabric to wrap in your most loved one: your child.

However, we want you to think about some matters before wrapping, which we highly recommend to read carefully before using – here are our 10 golden rules:

Using your wrap is always on your own responsibility.

Before you carry your child for the first time in a wrap, it is vital to get a teaching by a certified babywearing consultant to learn about basic skills.

Our wraps are manucatured with utmost care; in daily use it sometimes can happen that yarn breaks or little holes may occur. Check your wrap any time before using it and get it repaired if it is damaged.

At the beginning of your wrapping times we highly recommend to wrap your child above a soft surface, so your child will fall softly if the worst case happens.

Make sure that the respiratory tract of your child is always free.

Make sure that the head of your child is always supported well.

The ends of your wrap should never hang down below your knees. In that case it may cause stumbling or otherwise the wrap could get entangled somewhere.

Using a wrap will enable you to feel independence and boundless mobility; but, if you go outside, make sure to cover all the exposed parts of your child´s body in order to protect it from sun, coldness or wind.

Don´t carry your child in a wrap during dangerous situations such as car driving, sports and many others.

And finally: enjoy every minute with your baby! It is at these wonderful moments when wrapping turns to something absolutely beautiful and creates strong and unique feelings – a cloud full of love!

We wish you a wonderful wrapping time with your child!